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    Ovonic 2s &3s lipo batteries replacement for Traxxas E-Revo, all of these batteries come with trx plug, which perfect fit for your 1/10 E-Revo. Our recommendation: Ovonic 5000mah 3s lipo
OVONIC 11.1V 3S 5000mAh 50C Lipo Battery for Slash/E-Revo/UDR/X-Maxx-XT60 Plug
 Spec of Ovonic 5000mAh 3S 50C lipo battery: Brand: Ovonic Chemistry: Li-polymer Length(dev.5mm): 155mm Width(dev.2mm): 42mm Height(dev.2mm): 25mm Capacity: 5000mAh Voltage: 11.1V Cell Number: 3S Discharge Rate: 50C Max Burst Discharge Rate: 100C Net Weight(dev.20g): 343g Connector Type: XT60 &...
$40.30 $40.30
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OVONIC 11.1V 50C 3S 4000mAh Lipo Battery with XT60 & Trx Plug for RC Traxxas Cars
Ovonic is Professional and Reliable, and always be strict about product quality, specially designed and manufactured for your high-quality RC devices. Advanced Lipo battery with uniquely designed doubles your device's performance time and stronger power. Ovonic 3s lipo battery 4000mah...
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OVONIC 7.4V 5000mAh 2S1P 50C Lipo Battery with XT60 & Trx Plug for RC Car Bigfoot
To offer premium performance and ensure safety, Ovonic has set up a professional technicians team, specialized battery research laboratories, and monitoring rooms. We focus on developing battery products with superior performance to meet the different requirements of RC vehicles. Our...
$33.02 $32.53
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