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LiPo Battery for 1/10 GRANITE 4x4 MEGA

Collection: LiPo Battery for 1/10 GRANITE 4x4 MEGA & Voltage 2WD Monster Truck

Lipo battery for 1/10 GRANITE 4x4 MEGA Monster Truck, 2S LiPo pack within 156 x 51 x 48mm is suitable.

Lipo battery for 1/10 GRANITE Voltage 2WD Monster Truck, 2S LiPo pack within 141x48x26mm is suitable.

Recommend 5200mah 2s 50C EC3( Compatible with IC3)

Other lipo battery listed in this collection may require plug change

 LiPo Battery for ARRMA Granite BLX 4x4 3S is also available on Ampow.

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