Thanksgiving Day is approaching. In order to thank you for your support of Ovonic batteries, Ampow will hold RC battery promotions at that time. Amazing discounts will save you money. Special sale products buy two get one free, please read carefully the following special sale products in these warehouses:

100C-1300mah-4S-XT60 50C-5200mah-2S1P-HC-T-2P 100C-1000mah-6S1P-XT60 100C-1550mah-6S1P-XT60
50C-2200mah-3S-Deans 50C-4600mah-2S2P-HC29-T 100C-1300mah-4S1P-XT60 50C-6000mah-4S1P-T
50C-5200mah-2S-HC-T-2P 100C-5000mah-2S2P-HC29-T-Shorty
50C-5200mah-3S-HC13-EC3 50C-5000mah-3S1P-XT60
50C-4500mah-3S-T-2P 1C-3000mah-2S1P-FATSHARK

During the promotion period, in addition to these special sale batteries, there are also very favorable discounts, don't miss it.

Here, you can buy cost-effective RC lipo batteries, including FPV batteries, RC aircraft batteries, RC boat batteries, TX battery, and RC car batteries. In addition, there are nickel-metal hydride batteries for power tools.

The event will officially start on November 19th and end on November 26th,US time 00:00,

so we have to make a shopping list in advance to get better deals.

Ovonic battery company is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of RC lipo batteries, with industry-leading battery technology. We continue to provide better quality batteries to bring passion and fun to RC players.

After years of development, Ovonic has been loved and recognized by the majority of players. In multiple world competitions, we have got excellent results. In addition, our battery products have been positively evaluated in the community. Many RC players here are willing to share their interesting stories with Ovonic. Welcome to follow our social accounts and share RC experiences with you.

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