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Ovonic 3.8Ah HPB14 A14 A144 FSB14 FS140BX 14.4 v battery replacement for BlackDecker (4packs) - Ampow

Ovonic 3.8Ah HPB14 A14 A144 FSB14 FS140BX 14.4 v battery replacement for BlackDecker (4packs)

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Ovonic specializes in the production of high quality NiMH batteries for power tool, lipo batteries for RC hobby, etc.

Ovonic 3800mAh 14.4V NiMH is replace for FSB14 battery, FS140BX 14.4 v battery, HPB14, 499936-34,499936-35,A14,A144,A144EX,A14F,A1714, B-8316 BD1444L, BPT1048, etc.

You can find other voltage of Ovonic NiMH replacement batteries for Black and Decker like Black and Decker Firestorm 12v battery, Black Decker Firestorm 18v battery replacement, etc.

Detail of Ovonic NiMH replacement for Firestorm 14.4 volt battery:

- Brand:Ovonic

- Chemistry:(NiMH)Nickel Metal Hyoride

- Configuration:12S

- Voltage(V):14.4V

- Capacity(mAh):3800mAh

- Net Weight(dev.20g):2420g(605g for one pack)

- Wattage:  54.72 Wh

Compatible with:

Ovonic 3800mAh 14.4V NiMH replacement batteries for Black &Decker firestorm 14.4 battery is suitable for the following models:

BD146F3, BDG14SF-2, BDGL1440, BDGL14K-2, CD142SK, CD14SFK, CDC140AK, CDC1440K, CP14K, CP14KB, EPC142K2, EPC146, EPC146BK, EPC148BK, EPC148CBK, EPC14CA , EPC14CAB, EPC14CABK, EPC14K2, FS146F4, GC1440, HP142K, HP142KD, HP146F2, HP146F2B, HP146F3B, HP146F3K, HP146FBH, HP148F2, HP148F2B, HP148F2K, HP148F2R, HP148F3B, HP148F3K, HP14K, HP14KD, HPD1400, HPD14K-2, HPS1440, KC2002F, KC2002FK, NM14, PS142K, PS142KB, PS14K2, R143F2(Radio), RD1440K, RD1441K, SS14, SX4000, SX5500, SX6000, SX7000, SX7500, SXR14, XTC143BK and more.


Please note:

*New NiMH batteries usually need to be charged and discharge 3-4 circles in order to achieve maximum performance

* Keep the Battery cool and store only in a cool, dry location.

* When not in use for a long time, remove the battery from tool and put it in a dry environment. It is better to put it in a battery box

*If the battery is store for a long time, it is recommended to charge it slowly at first.



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