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Ovonic  3000mAh 10.8V 9-cell NIMH Shark vacuum cleaner battery replacement - Ampow

Ovonic 3000mAh 10.8V 9-cell NIMH Shark vacuum cleaner battery replacement

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The vacuum cleaner is a household appliance that we often use, and the battery is the power to support the work of the vacuum cleaner.

Ovonic NiMH 10.8 v 3000mah is a Shark vacuum rechargeable battery for Shark vacuum cleaner.

Ampow also provides other types of NiMH rechargeable batteries for you to pick.

Specifications of NiMH 10.8 v 3000mah shark vacuum battery pack:

- Brand: Ovonic 

- Chemistry: Rechargeable NiMH

- Capacity(mAh): 3000mAh  

- Cells Number: 9S

- Voltage: 10.8V

- Battery Dimension: 120mm x 50 mm x 60mm

- Battery Weight(dev.20g): 504g

Compatible with:

Ovonic 10.8 v 3000mah shark vacuum cleaner battery is special designed for Shark XB2950 XBT1106N, SV116N, SV1106N, SV1110, SV1110N

shark vacuum cleaner battery replacement

Kindly note:

  1. It is forbidden to send nickel-metal hydride batteries to landfills in some areas, so please separate and recycle used batteries
  2. When using nickel-metal hydride batteries for the first few times, you may find that they deplete (discharge) quickly during use. Don't worry, this is normal. They need to be fully charged before they are used for the first time.


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