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  • Ovonic is a premium brand for lipo battery, as a dynamic brand, we always keep up with the market and customer needs

    Ovonic 10000mah lipo batteries is constructed using the latest chemistry technology to provide sufficient capacity for your models.

    Like the 14.8v 10000mah 4s 15C XT90 and 22.2v 10000mah 6s 15C XT90 for UAV drone and quadcopter etc.

    And if you can’t find the products you need,  please feel free to contact us via



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Ovonic 14.8V 15C 4S 10000mAh LiPo Battery Pack with XT90 Plug for Multirotors Drone
RC aircraft or quadcopter require a lot of power. For this special requirement, we produce many aircraft lipo batteries to fit different aircrafts. Such as this 15c 10000mah 4s XT90 can use on Tarot 650 Iron-man Quad, FPV2600 glider etc....
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Ovonic 22.2V 10000mAh 6S 15C LiPo Battery for UAV Multirotors Drone - XT90 Plug
Are you looking for multi-motor batteries for your drone/aircraft? Ovonic is a reliable brand for you!Ovonic 15C 6S 10000mah LiPo Battery with XT90 Plug can give you more flight time with a high capacity 10000mah and take out more current...
$169.25 $141.04
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