This clause is only for the after-sales processing of Ovonic order.


1)The order has not been sent, the full amount can be refunded.

2)The order has been sent, and the customer returns the product (unopened for use and the product is in good condition), and we return the products amount.

Refund processing time limit: 5-7 working days


1)After the customer has used the product, want to apply for a refund, depending on the use of the product, up to 50-70% of the product amount can be refund.

2)If you received the wrong goods, please provide the pictures of the whole product packaging and the pictures of the inner packaging products, and please send them back to the warehouse at the same time. We will give you a refund for the replenishment or the product amount.

3)If you confirm the product problem and require re-shipment, please provide pictures of specific product parameters, such as test voltage, capacity, internal resistance, product barcode, etc., and describing the details problem of product use and clarify the use model and charger model, specific feedback to after-sale via


There have two methods to refund and return as follows:

1)Ampow generates the return label,and you need to return the goods to the warehouse according to the return label process. After the warehouse receives the goods, please provide your proof of returning the product, and contact Ampow official for refund processing.

2) Inform you of your specific return address in the form of an email, and the refund will be processed after our warehouse receives the product and confirms it.

Our EU return address is as follows:

Ginsheimer Str.8

65462 Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

Frankfurt, Germany


Our USA return address is as follows:

5610 Grace Pl Commerce CA 90022

United States



Customers can choose to return to the warehouse in the form of logistics supported locally (DHL,UPS,USPS,DPD)

Except for special handling, customers need to bear the logistics costs under normal circumstances.

4.Damaged Package Claims

If you receive an item which appear to be damaged in transit, please inspect and keep the order intact and contact us via immediately (within 48 hours of receipt of your package). 

Customers with damaged packages can file a claim directly with us.Please keep all original box, packaging material, etc for verification purposes. may also require photos of damaged packages or parts to be taken for inspection purposes. Photos of damaged goods will help us expedite the process and provide a better resolution.

5.In some cases refund or replace will not be issued, please see below

1) Package is not timely receipt and returned to our warehouse. In this case you can choose your order to be sent out for another time and you will have to bear the postage. Alternatively you can request a refund. A 15% Restocking Fee may apply in this situation.

2) You filled out the wrong address for pickup.

3)  Change order. Change order after payment, If you need to change the information on the order, the fastest way is to contact our customer service.  


Any questions about after-sale service ,you can take your time to contact us :

If you are a potential one who want to coorperate with us as a sponsorship \wholesaler ,you can contact us via these email.

Sponsorship :

Wholesaler Inquiry: rma<

 When you ask for the after-sale service ,pls provide these statistics ,thank you:

1)test voltage or capacity  or other statistics

2)the barcode of the lipos 

3)descrip more details of the using processing

4)take picture to show

if you can't provide these information ,we can choose to give up the after-sale service





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