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Ovonic RC 2s lipo battery

Collection: 2S / 7.4V Lipo Battery

Ovonic is a credible and dependable RC battery brand that has had a group of faithful customers and RC hobbyists. The high performance and good price of Ovonic batteries impress them and are highly recommended. So Ovonic is the great choice for your RC hobbies.

As we all know, the voltage of a battery pack is pretty crucial to the RC vehicles since the speed of vehicles depends on the voltage. Voltage directly affects the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of the electric motor. The bigger the voltage is, the faster the motor revolves. BUT please notice that different kinds of radio control require different voltage.

2s lipo battery is the most popular voltage for RC cars and also great for smaller crafts. To meet your requirements of low voltage, Ovonic offers multiple mAh sizes of lipo 2s battery. For instance, the rc 2s lipo battery with 5000/5200mah/6200mah/7600mah/8000mah is suited to your 1/10 RC truck. 2200mah 2s and 2s 1500mah is great for 1/16 and 1/18 RC car and  2s 450 mAh and 850mAh 2s is suitable for smaller RC aircraft.

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