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Ovonic 120C Racing Series FPV LiPo Batteries

Collection: Ovonic 120C Racing Series FPV LiPo Batteries


  • With the development of the FPV field, the discharge rate requirements of lipo batteries are higher and higher.
    In order to give pilots a better experience, ovonic has also released a series of high-rate 120C lipo batteries, which is mainly for 5 to 6 inch FPV.
    And 120C 1200mAh 6S is currently the most popular among pilots. Although it is 100mah less than the 1300mAh 6s 100c, it has a lighter weight and more punch
    For 6s, there are more batteries like 1300mah 6s 120c, 1600mah 6s 120c, and for 4s series are 1300mah 4s 120c, 1600mah 4s 120c, 1800mah 4s 120c, 2200mah 4s 120c,for selection



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