Ovonic Rebel 2.0 Series

Introducing Ovonic Rebel 2.0 series - a breakthrough in battery technology designed to fuel your rebellion. With cutting-edge batteries that redefine performance and power, we've partnered with renowned Italian designer trillyfpv to create rebellious packaging. The new look of Rebel 2.0 pays tribute to the fearless spirit of youth. Join the rebellion, break free from the ordinary, and embrace the power of the Ovonic Rebel 2.0 series. Unleash your inner rebel today.
  • Al Boehmite
    Black Technology First Used
  • High C-Rate
    Brust to 150C & Fast Charging
  • Low IR
    Lower Internal Resistance technology
  • Long Cycle Life
    Performance Consistency
  • Al Boehmite

    Tattu is the first brand that used Al Boehmite technology on FPV battery, it can boost the battery performance, increase battery life cycles.

  • Brust to 150C & Fast Charging

    Grepow & Tattu FPV LiPo battery is ability to achieve maximum 150C high rate discharge, and 5C fast charging.

  • test

    The lower the internal resistance (IR) of the battery, the smaller the current consumption, the better the quality, performance, and the longer the battery life.

  • test

    Grepow High rate technology, while maintaining the battery performance, the cycle life of the battery is extended, and the minimum performance of the battery is guaranteed to be reduced in the case of high current charging and discharging.

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