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Ovonic 7600mAh LiPo Battery

Collection: 7600mAh LiPo Battery

As we know, under the same parameters and  conditions of use, the higher the capacity, the longer the battery can be used. At present, 1/8, 1/10 scale RC car batteries are usually about 5000mah lipo, and these 7600mah lipo batteries can provide more than 1/3 capacity to make your car run longer.

At the same time, Ampow also offers softcase and hardcase packaging options. Hardcase can better protect your battery from impact, and softcase reduces the weight of the case.

Recommended : 11.1V 7600mAh 3S1P 50C hardcase lipo, 7.4V 7600mAh 2S2P 50C softcase lipo.

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