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Ovonic LiPo Batteries for iFlight

Collection: LiPo Batteries for iFlight


  • With the development of FPV, more and more micro drone brands with various drones have appeared that suit to fly indoors. IFlight also has some popular models, such as CineBee 75HD.

    Mirco drone means the need for a small battery. Lipo batteries can give you more power at the same weight and volume because of their high energy accumulation.

    Ovonic is a professional brand which mainly manufactures high rate & high quality LiPo battery, focusing on research, development, production, and sales of LiPo batteries.

    You can find 450mAh 2s for iFlight CineBee 75HD, 450mAh 3s for IFLIGHT IH2 HD MICRO DRONE etc.

    More lipo are adding, if you have any problem or advice with new batteries , please email to us via info@ampow.com.

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