Ovonic Rebel 2.0 Series

Introducing Ovonic Rebel 2.0 series - a breakthrough in battery technology designed to fuel your rebellion. With cutting-edge batteries that redefine performance and power, we've partnered with renowned Italian designer trillyfpv to create rebellious packaging. The new look of Rebel 2.0 pays tribute to the fearless spirit of youth. Join the rebellion, break free from the ordinary, and embrace the power of the Ovonic Rebel 2.0 series. Unleash your inner rebel today.


Master & Dynamic x Trillyfpv

Unleash rebellion with our innovative collaboration. Bold packaging by Trillyfpv captures youthful spirit. Embrace excellence and revolutionize your RC hobby. Experience the dynamic power of our collaboration batteries.


Advanced battery technology

The Ovonic Rebel 2.0 series boasts cutting-edge battery tech for exceptional performance and efficiency.

Bold and edgy packaging design

Renowned designer trillyfpv has given the Rebel 2.0 series a bold and edgy new look, perfectly capturing its rebellious spirit.

Multiple Applications

With discharge rates from 35C to 150C, the Rebel 2.0 series offers options for FPV enthusiasts, RC Car, and RC Airplane hobbyists, ensuring an electrifying experience.

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