Links: Black Friday + Cyber Monday Ovonic battery promotion

The Black Friday shopping season is about to begin. As in previous years, Ampow will hold a large-scale promotional event for Ovonic RC batteries, which is a money-saving opportunity that you should not miss. Need to buy RC lipo battery? You have come to the right place. You can find the most amazing discounts here.

  • Best price this year
  • $10 rebate for every $129 spent
Ovonic RC batteries include mainstream lipo batteries, as well as commonly used power tool nickel-metal hydride batteries, with very low discounts.

Promotion time: 11/25/2021-12/3/2021, 00:00 US time, officially started on the second day of Thanksgiving. Everyone should make a good shopping list in advance to get better discounts.

120C series battery for FPV drone racing competition

Rebel series battery for Arrma

New products


Are Ovonic batteries worth buying?

Ovonic batteries are considered cost-effective, smaller and lighter than other brands, and better in terms of power. It can perform any operation without significant voltage drop. Ovonic has a high credibility and has passed multiple quality certifications. After years of development, it has been welcomed by RC players. Ovonic has many batteries of different C grades and sizes. Some are used for daily training, and there are also high-rate batteries specially made for competitions. For example, the 120C racing series for FPV drone performed well on the field, so the pilots have won multiple awards.

What are Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday?

Black Friday: A good time to buy large electronic products, both online and offline. It is worth mentioning that, unlike in the past, most consumers prefer to shop online rather than offline.
Cyber ​​Monday: It is the biggest shopping season of the year, and it is a pure online promotion. If you want preferential clothing discounts, you should buy at this time.

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