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Ovonic NiMH Rechargeable AA Cell Battery

AA battery is a very commonly used battery in life, such as TV remote control, flash light, toys, clocks, etc.  NiMH AA battery is very widely used, because the NiMH battery is safer and cheaper than LiPo and almost no memory effect and no pollution than NiCd.

Ovonic provides NiMH 1.2 v AA rechargeable battery with capacity 2800mah and 2400mah. If you only need a few,4 x AA batteries 2400mah is for you, and more cell packs can save more, such as 8 pack AA batteries 2800mah

In addition, you can buy AAA NiMH battery and NiMH-D battery, NiMH-C type batteries and more NiMH batteries on Ampow.

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