LiPo Battery for Tiny Whoop 1 4.9

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LiPo Battery for Tiny Whoop

For different size of FPV, it needs lipo batteries with different capacities,voltage and size. To meet the need of that, Ovonic offers a variety of lipo FPV battery. Tiny Whoop Battery is one of them, you can find 45C 380mAh 2S for Betafpv 2S and etc.

Tiny Whoop HV Battery is also available like 80C 450mAh 1S HV with PH2.0 for Blade Inductrix FPV,

New series is coming soon!

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  • Ovonic 380mah 2S1p 7.4V 45C Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 Plug for Betafpv 2S whoop[4PCS]

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  • Ovonic 450mah 1S1p 3.8V 80C HV Lipo Battery Pack with JST PH2.0 for Blade Inductrix FPV[4PCS]

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  • Ovonic 450mah 2S1p 7.4V 70C Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 Plug for small FPV whoops[4PCS]

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3 Item(s)