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LiPo Battery for Arrma 1/7 Limitless

Collection: Ovonic LiPo Battery for ARRMA 1/7 Limitless Speed Bash

Ovonic is a professional brand which focuses on research, development, production, and sales of LiPo batteries and has its own automated production line to ensure high quality and consistent performance.

Ovonic ARRMA Limitless battery is compatible with 2x2S LiPo, 2x3S LiPo, 1x4s LiPo OR 1x6S LiPo Battery, IC5 Loop connector( can be replaced by EC5).

Recommend 2*3s batteries for  Limitless 6s, which has  two battery compartments, can balance better.

Rebel 3s series is special for Arrma 3s & 6s,with high rate and capacity, can give more punch.

60C 5200mAh 3S EC5 hard case, 100C 6000mAh 3S EC5 soft case are perfect for 1/7 car



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